Female, anonymous, 48 years, Denmark

I participated in the Shapeshifting seminar this spring. I have had an injured disc in my back for 6-7 weeks when the seminar started. The disc was popping out like a lump, you could see and feel it. The day after my seminar ended, the disc popped back in and have stayed there ever since.

My back problems of many years are diminishing day by day. I am able to do the physical exercises and have some strong abs now. For many years physical exercises only caused more problems in my back.

I have also lost weight and is trimmed now, though I wasn’t overweight before. I am also 2 centimeters taller, since my new body is 10 centimeters taller than my old body. My face is changing too already, nicer skin and less stress-lines.

Mentally I have much more peace of mind and less stress than ever in my life. I have always had a racing ADHD-mind and now it´s still more focused and calm with every week and day passing by. I also have autism, that makes focus and changes even harder though I WANTED to change. But the autistic mindset made me systematize, categorize and repeat the past over and over again. So I knew I had to change mentally but couldn´t or changes were only small. The systems is fading away and I´m much more free now.

The shapeshifting program also trains the focus and I really benefit from that. I have never in my life been able to focus like I am now, cause my mind was going all over the place before. Since I am very sensitive that caused a lot of stress cause I picked up on everything big and small. I don´t do that anymore. Now I know if I am unfocused and just focus on my new body and peaceful new mind. Everything is still work in progress and changes so far is just great!

Female, anonymous, 48 years old, Denmark
Seminar april 2018

Nikolas, 39 years, Germany

I was about to travel to Denmark with the intention on participating a „Living on Light“ Seminar at the Lotus Health Care Centre in Risskov. Shortly before my departure I came across a new presentational Video on Youtube by Kay where he introduced his shapeshifting program. It sounded interesting. Shortly after my arrival I decided to do the Shapeshifting program instead.

So the new plan was to stay for two weeks in the centre to get started with the shapeshifting process. The time with Kay and the LHC team was a shift in itself indeed. I was looked after well in a layed back calm but strong energy environment.
It is undeniable that a new chapter in my life has opened since then. In my own pace I am releasing old believes, bad habits and what ever else that doesn’t serve me any longer. This has a very good effect on my sense of freedom. That is the part of the shifting process which happens mentally and emotionally for me. Yet there are of course also physical changes happening fast since the garbage doesn´t get stored so much inside the house any longer.
Everyday I feel something new and I am not torturing myself by being stuck in my own emotions. Actually it is quite extraordinary how much in my overall human experience has changed in such little time.

Now I am back home well prepared and confident to manage my own shifting process step by step every day.

Experience wise I could write much more which I won’t because what I received was and is a present I made to myself. So I suggest to follow your own intuition about it.

Let me conclude by saying „it was and still is a pretty (damn) good experience!“

Nikolas, 39 years old, Germany
Seminar June 2018