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Traditional Shapeshifting transforms the body only

Shapeshifting has been known to the old ancient wisdom of Daoism for thousands of years. Other ancient cultures know of Shapeshifting too, e.g. the Native Americans.

In the traditional Daoist Techniques it is only the body that is changing,
not the personality.

The Traditional Shapeshifting is not permanent either. Historically it has been used for a specific purpose, e.g. in war for sneaking behind the enemy lines disguised as a warrior. The Daoist goes back and forth in their shape whereas the Modern Shapeshifting is permanent and also changes the personality completely.

For the Daoist it takes many years of practicing the exact technique of Shapeshifting. Then the Daoist is able to Shapeshift into a new body, into an animal or into a deity depending on the technique. No matter what he chooses, his personality will stay the same.

The most well-known Master and teacher of ancient Daoist wisdom is professor
Jerry Alan Johnson. He is recognized both in the East and the West and has also written books about traditional Shapeshifting.

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