Female, anonymous, 66 years, The Netherlands

Today I am 7 weeks into Shapeshifting, the most uplifting process I could have ever engaged in.

If I compare myself now to 7 weeks ago, I see a mentally, emotionally and physically totally different person, with a new shape inside, that helps me to leave the past behind, defocus from the old troubled body and life, and focus on a completely new body and life. To enhance this proces I do meditations 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 times a day and easy but very beneficial physical exercises, mostly 2 times a day.
If I can't do them I miss them. It's all about focusing and drawing energy, to fill the new shape inside.

On the mental level:
I am much more sure of myself, not only in my inner life, but also in every day social life.
I speak out much more easily and open.
On the conscious level I've always been interested to develop myself - now I live more consciously and free than ever before.
In a week I'll drive up to Risskov again for a few days Shapeshift training. Even 2 years ago this would have been an absolute impossibility. Now I'll drive there alone, not in 2 days anymore but in 1 day - no fears, no worries, only a bit nervous.
The first time I did that was some weeks ago, driving back home after the start of the Shapeshifting course. After 10 hours I could have gone further if I'd have to, still full of energy. And that, in my life, is stunning - to say the least.

On the emotional level:
I am much less emotional concerning things that come my way from outside, much more level headed.
In my inner life I can still be emotional, but then mostly from relief, mainly when I break through old fears and uncertainties that blocked me.
Words fail to share the extend of joy and relief thanks to the transformation that takes place, feeling anchored in myself and free.

On the physical level:
From the day I was born there have always been physical problems.
After the first 10 days into Shapeshifting I was a bit more than 2 kg lighter, 1 cm longer, 1 cm off from the neck, 2 cm off the waist, 1 cm off the upper arms, 1 cm off the upper legs, with more muscle tissue and less fat tissue.
I have more energy than ever before in this life, my body is much more flexible and strong, the muscles are stronger, there is more movement possible in spine and neck.
Medication is down with 40 %.
I sleep less, eat 2 times a day, sometimes 1, in portions that are in no way comparable to what I ate before. I just often don't feel like eating.
My clothes are more than 1 size down now, the first bag with clothes has gone.
I do not weigh myself.

Some reactions to the changes that have taken place in me, from people who without any exception know nothing about Shapeshifting:
  • the first day of working after coming home, a sensitive client: she opened the door, saw me and jumped back, laughing: "I just got an electric shock - your energy!"
  • two weeks later, the same woman: "You not only lost weight, your eyes radiate and your energy is ... more dense", going out and in with her arms. This was 4 days after the Shapeshifters received a new meditation through which our energies got ... more dense. She knew nothing about that!
  • many people say that I look much younger (than I am). One woman started to cry after asking my age, saying "am I so old then?" She is 56 and in my eyes doesn't look old.
  • my son: "mam, I've not seen you with this much hair for a long time". I lost most of my hair in the years after he was born. And with his wife: "mam, you look so good".
  • One person reacted negatively and that was perfect, because I noticed that this negativity didn't shock me anymore. It made me feel stronger, not immediately doubting myself, but completely centered and quiet within - knowing what was going on. The negativity was about the much bigger energy field around me and the greater inner authority (and more).

Kay Hougaard is the ultimate teacher.
Knows your thoughts, your feelings, helps unseen, heals, but doesn't answer any question that does not come out of your mouth in words.
The 2B-Young-Again team are professionals in their own fields, dedicated, well organized and there if you need them.

This is in short my Shapeshift story of not even 2 months.
If you are interested to shift your shape and your intuition says: do it - then do it.
The benefits are endless.

Anonymous woman, 66 years young, The Netherlands.
Seminar August 2018