Male, anonymous, The Netherlands

Most things are changed in the non-physical.
I am much happier!
There’s almost nothing that can disturb me or bring me away from my center.

All kinds of miracles are happening in my life (Synchronicity).
If I want something to happen it seems to happen. It is a miracle of things falling into place and how easy things unfold in my life currently. I am really happy with that.
I am much more direct and clear to myself and others.
Previously I had a lot of pain in the body and was not able to do my favorite sports like field hockey and Kitesurfing.
Right now I’m playing field hockey every week and focus on being the new me in the new body which makes a huge difference in how I experience everything, and I do not experience pain anymore.
And this only after six weeks of Shapeshifting.
So I am really excited about everything that will come to me and will improve my quality of life and how I experience things.
I’m so grateful and thankful that this came on my path.
I’m wishing you the same.
Warm regards.

Male, anonymous, The Netherlands.
Seminar august 2018