Male, 64 years, The Netherlands

In July I started with the shape shifting. I have chosen my age and my new body. It feels unreal but at the same time I just know that this is going to happen. There has always been something in me, something that knew you do not have to grow older, our lives consist of programming and beliefs. The beliefs can be changed and the programming can be ignored, simply by giving them no energy. My intuition allowed me to go to Denmark without thinking about it. It is an adventure that I want to experience.

From end of July I am in Denmark where we get meditations and exercises, which we do daily between 9 am and 6 pm. Regularly I also do meditations in the evening because they feel very good.
The first and the last day, measurements are taken and photographs taken to record the changes / progress, including aurafotos.

It is now October 4, 2018 and I feel great in my new shape, appearance has not changed much yet, mentally very much. I can no longer argue unnecessarily and I avoid situations like this I notice. Judging, having an opinion becomes less and I follow my intuition more and more. My work goes smoothly and quickly, remains clear and I do not worry. Because I am often in the car I do a lot of breathing exercises and meditations on the road. Strangely enough, I remain focused and have the right focus while driving.

Private changes a lot because you meditate daily and do exercises, that is at the expense of other activities, but is not disturbing because I like to do this. I feel more and more excited by the physical changes. I release much old pain during this process.

I feel that the energy is increasing and that the changes are going faster, great to experience. I'm curious when the first external adjustments appear, but according to Kay we first do the inside and then quickly follow the appearance. Eventually I get total freedom and I come into balance, I can not wait ...............

Greetings from the Netherlands, Jan
Seminar July 2018